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What a GREAT day!

standard November 10, 2006 Leave a response

It’s really sad.
I had a fantastic day today. It was truly awsome.
“Why is that sad?” you ask.
It’s sad because my joy today hinged on the fact that the people I work with screwed up and I got to stand by and watch it happen.
Did I mention it was awsome?
I’ve been frustrated for months now because they all keep trying to reinvent the wheel that I helped build. They keep forgetting that I’m sitting there in the corner and that I’ve already been involved in the running of their programs for the last three years.
So this morning when they said “Well what have we done differently this year? Why are we doing so badly this time?” I was able to tell them, and it ROCKED.

Way back in June when I got passed up for a promotion, I decided to lay low for a while, to let others take the lead. If they wanted to treat me like an equal and make use of my experience, fine, if they didn’t, so be it.
So far, they haven’t.
At the end of the day I don’t really care. I’m doing as little as possible and still getting the credit I used to get. Since they are terrified that I might quit and leave them high and dry, it seems as though I can do no wrong. However, acting as though being ignored isn’t a big deal has been starting to wear me down. I’ve started to feel worthless and stupid. Being alowed to do anything I want has brought out the underachiever in me, and I don’t like her a whole lot. So, getting the chance to remind everyone that I know what I’m doing, and that I know what they should be doing felt good. Really, really good.
My high stayed with me all day. I called my old co-worker (who I gave credit to, during the meeting, for the previous years successes) and gloated with her. I hummed and danced throughout the day. I thought my good mood would be short lived, but it lasted all day long.
It was a great day.

And to make it even better, our sleep saga is officially over. Tonight C asked me to put her down in her crib. All is well in our midsts.

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