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We’re baaaaack….

standard November 26, 2006 Leave a response

Home sweet home. How good it is to be here, on my not-so-clean couch with my trusty laptop and wireless network. C is sleeping in her very own crib, which is oh-so-not in our room. The queen size bed beckons and I can’t wait to turn off the heat and go to bed. (My mother-in-law is ALWAYS cold and turns the heat up all the time. I don’t sleep well when it’s too hot to have covers.)
I love my in laws and I’m incredibly thankful to be able to go to Lake Tahoe with them, but this weekend was rough, for reasons I don’t even want to go into, and I’m glad to be home. I am sure though that C will miss her cousins. She had a blast playing with them all weekend.
C was her adorable self most of the time. Charming the socks off the relatives she doesn’t see on a regular basis, and managing to make us think she’s cuter than ever. Before heading to bed for a lonnng well deserved rest, I’ll share a few cute anecdotes.

Yesterday C tripped (for the millionth time) over a shoe or a cushion. I glanced over, saw she was fine, and went on talking. She rubbed the sore spot on her leg for a few seconds and then doubled over so she could kiss her own bobo better. The best part was that she couldn’t quite reach and had to try a few times. She’s very self-sufficient that one…

All weekend she kept asking for “Mama”. She calls me “Momeeee” so we knew that it wasn’t me she wanted. We finally realized that “Mama” was either Grandpa or Grandma. It was very efficient!

C has always hated bananas. She’s always been disgusted by their texture, definitely part of the “eww, slimy” category. Today after a morning of packing, loading up the car, and generally staying out of the rest of the family’s way I sat down for a second to a healthy lunch of a banana and a heaping spoonful of peanut butter. The minx came over, grabbed my half of banana. I watched in amusement as she took a bite out of is, fully expecting her to return it after giving me a disgusted look. Instead she smiled, said “Ummy!” and walked off with my lunch. Plain peanut butter isn’t anywhere as tasty as PB&B. Just saying!

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