We have a lawyer!

standard November 18, 2006 2 responses

M passed the Bar.
Phew… And wow. And no duh. And Oh Am I Glad it’s all over.

As I waited for M to come tell me if he’d passed or not I sat in the kitchen feeding C and remembering way back to four years ago when Law School was just an idea we were kicking around. We were so young. We didn’t know what we wanted. We had been in the San Francisco Bay Area for all of a year. We couldn’t find jobs that we cared about, or start careers for that matter. M had always dreamed of working for a few years and then going to business school. Not finding a job was making it hard to put this plan into action. After many discussions I got him to see why I thought he would be a great lawyer and he started looking into it. Once he was convinced we found ourselves faced with a whole set of new hurdles; LSATs, choosing a school, applications, etc, etc… And finally the greatest hurdle of all; law school. It was a long long three years, but somehow we made it through. We made it through Bar prep and the Bar itself.

Today Marks the end of an era (albeit a short one…) and the beginning of another. I can’t help but feel that we are now finally fully grown-up. No more students here, just two adults working regular jobs, paying regular bills and dealing with day to day issues.

But we’ll be ok. I know a good lawyer if I ever need one.

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2 responses

  • Yeah!! So happy for you guys! Congrats!

  • Wooo! Go M! That is awesome. I hope you had a nice celebration. Ironically, B went to that same law school and failed the bar and decided it was a good sign and never went back to law. It was all pre-me so I had no part of it but I do know the bar is a hard exam so big congrats!

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