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Night of Horrors

standard November 1, 2006 Leave a response

Last night for the first time in well over a year C fell asleep in my bed, in my arms. She hates to sleep with us. She hates to be held while she sleeps. She needs to thrash and move around. But not last night.

She was fine during the Halloween fun at daycare, and she was fine when trick-or-treaters came to the house. (Although she wasn’t so fond of sharing her halloween rubber duckies) She was ok when we went trick-or-treating ourselves. While it was clear that she had no clue why we kept making her knock on doors and say hi to strangers who would then give her candy and ask her to say bye, she was still willing to go along with the madness. Some houses freaked her out a bit, sparking a flurry of “bye, bye, bye” and frantic hand waving. But, all in all, she really seemed non-plused by the whole event.

After the dutiful tour of the neighborhood we trooped back to the house to enjoy a nice warm meal. C and her friend Grace played nicely while the grown-ups ate, and though C was getting more and more tired by the minute, she resisted any attempt to put her down. Thinking that it was because people were still milling about the house we didn’t push it.

Soon after everyone left I started to worry. We tried to put C down repeatedly and nothing worked. She would be fast asleep in our arms and would wake up screaming the instant any body part touched the bed. This from a child who has been able to put herself to sleep since she was 3 months old and who hates to be rocked to sleep. At one point she stood in her crib, gripping my arm like her life depended on it, and slept STANDING UP, until I decided that enough was enough and I packed her up and brought her to our bed.

She slept in my arms for a good two hours. Around midnight, tired of sleeping with a sweating toddler in my arms, I decided to attempt to move her to her crib. She transitioned with a little fight, but I managed to convince her to stay down. She didn’t stay down. She was up and screaming again at least four more times during the night. Luckily each time she went back to sleep pretty quickly and this morning woke up babbling and chatting to herself as if nothing had happened.

Mark my word: No scary movies for this kid until she leaves for college.

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