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Night 4…

standard November 4, 2006 Leave a response

It’s been four nights now. Four nights since C has gone to sleep on her own, happily babbling in her crib. Four nights of screaming for an hour before one of us goes in to rock her to sleep. Four nights of feeling like something is really upsetting our baby and we can’t figure out what it is.

My friends tell me to just accept it, that this is how things will be from now on. I still can’t bring myself to so that though. I can’t shake the guilt. I feel that I should have known better than to take C trick-or-treating. I knew that she needs time to ajust to new situations and that she wouldn’t have the luxury of getting used to what was going on as people milled around and we moved from house to house. Had I known the price we would have to pay I would have stayed home and handed out candy!

Today I tried a new tactic. I purchased this toy in the hopes that it would distract her long enough to relax in her crib. It seems to have worked a bit, but it might have been a fluke, she may just have worn herself out with her crying.

Tomorrow I’m going to fall back on my usual survival tactic, book buying. Hopefully I’ll find something with the miracle answer to my problem.

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