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Make new friends…

standard November 15, 2006 Leave a response

I didn’t think that it would happen, but I seem to have made new friends at work. I think it was what was missing. I mean, duh. Work isn’t much fun as it is, having friends really livens things up.

I have the friend who is also trying to conceive. In a moment of weakness I might have let on to her that I was trying as well. She’s very excited as this is her first attempt at pregnancy so she hasn’t really noticed that I’m not as chatty about it as her.

I have the friend who is rekindling my love of knitting. She’s a young mom whose three year old loves C. We can sit and chat and knit over a cup of coffee for hours.

I have the almost friends (You know? The people you love to hang out with at work, but haven’t really hung out with outside of work.) who I chat with during the day.

Having new friends makes the days more cheerful, it makes work almost fun again. And in a strange twist it has also made it easier to talk to the friends who left. For the last few months I felt that they would all be able to tell how miserable I was if I talked to them, but now it’s easier, and since they seem to have settled in, they seem to be able to talk more easily as well. So not only have I forged new connections, but I’m strengthening old ones too.

It was about time… I was starting to get really lonely.

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