Let the holiday hassles begin

standard November 29, 2006 1 response

Three weeks ago I found a fantastic fare and a fantastic flight. Did we book it? NO! Of Course not. What a silly question. At the time M was loath to book a flight without double checking the dates with his boss.
Did he check the dates with his boss the next day, you ask? Why of course… not. He waited a full two weeks to do so, and then we left for Thanksgiving weekend.
Today we logged back into our trusty fare search engine (check it out, it’s seriously brilliant) and found fares that had doubled and that all the good flights had vanished. Surprised? No, me neither. Instead of paying $350 per person we will be paying almost $700 per person. Instead of leaving at a very reasonable 10am and returning at an equaly reasonable 3pm we will be taking the red-eye to NJ and flying most of the day to get home.
I can’t wait. No, really.
Did I mention that the red-eye is all of 5h41 long? Which means that we will get to sleep for maybe 3 hours, if C lets us sleep at all that is. Did I mention that C sleeps about 12 hours a night and that cutting that into quarters isn’t going to be fun for anyone involved?

Ok. Deep breath.

Yay! We found a flight to go to NJ to celebrate Christmas with my sisters.
Let the shopping fun begin…

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