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standard November 7, 2006 1 response

“C, do you have a poopoo?”
“Really? I can smell a poopoo.”
She holds up a rubber ducky to her nose and sniffs it’s butt.
She holds it out to me and says “Poopoo”.
We giggled all the way to the changing table.


I stood up from the couch and headed to the kitchen. C gave a cry and climbed down from to couch. She followed me into the kitchen complaining loudly. Once she caught up with me she came to stand behind me, turning me around by the hips. She put her hands on my butt, I thought that it was to push me back into the living room. Instead she plucks off a sticker that has gotten attached to my butt and walks away muttering “stiko, stiko”.


Grace came over for a playdate today and she and C had a lovely lunch together.

At one point I gave Grace some madarin oranges which I know she likes and I know C hates. C gave me a look as if to protest the fact that her friend was getting something that she wasn’t being offered herself. She looked me straight in the eyes as she reached her hand over and grabbed three orange slices. I laughed and told her to go ahead. She gave me a half smile as she lifted one of them to her mouth. She instantly made a disgusted face and pulled it right back out. And then, again staring me straight in the eyes, she picked up all three slices and put them right back in Grace’s cup.


Last week I negotiated a four day work week. Today was my first Monday not working. We never made it out of the house, but we had a lovely day nonetheless. We danced and we laughed. We goofed off and we read lots of books. We cuddled. A lot.
It was awsome.

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1 response

  • Grace had a lovely time as well.. though today she’s a tyrant and I suspect it’s going to get worse because she’s getting a flu shot today. She also told me to “shush” this morning…hehe.. Our girls and their attitude…

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