Fifth month’s a charm…

standard November 28, 2006 Leave a response

Yesterday the line was so faint I thought I was imagining it. This morning it was no darker. After a little instant message discussion on the topic, Amanda suggested that I try a different test. This one proved a lot more conclusive. (There’s something to be said for having friends who are going through the same things as me…) Apparently, I’m pregnant.
Concretely, I’m petrified. (What, did you think that the waffling was going to disapear the instant the line turned pink?) I’m trying hard not to think about the implications of a life with two young children. However I’m finding it hard to not think about what being pregnant while dealing with a full time job and an active toddler means. Somehow I don’t think that C is going to be willing to wait for her dinner because mommy needs to take a nap when she gets home from work.

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