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Over the last few days C’s language has simply exploded. She has been repeating everything we say and reusing the words correctly. She has been communicating much more efficiently. She’s even been making editorial comments! It’s amazing to watch, I mean, listen.
I know this isn’t interesting to most, but one day I’ll be glad I wrote this post. So with that disclaimer in place I bring to you the vocabulary of C (or as much of it as I can remember!):

Mommy (repeated ad nauseum throughout the day…)
Daddy (ditto)
Doggy/Doddy – her stuffed dog & all dogs
Puhpy – Puppy
Titty/Tiya/Ca/TittyTa – Cat
Hossey – Horsey
Munney – Bunny
Moo – Cow
Duh-ie – ducky
Foh – Frog
Cah – Car
Meh – Milk (with or without sign)
Wallah – Water (ditto)
Moh – More (with sign)
Wandat – Want that
I wanna – I want to
Dis – This
Ahseye – Outside
Dow – down
Sisi – sit
Wa – walk
Asue – shoe
Soh – sock
Apeau – Hat (in French Chapeau)
Bah – Ball
Peh – Plane
Eye lo lu – I love you
Juh – jump
Cahlow – Color
Papoe/Beboe – Paper
Pehty – pretty
Emo – Elmo (said whenever she sees the TV)
Buht – Bert
Ehnie – Ernie
Ahsho – Ashes (As in please sing Ring around the rosies with me for the millionth time today)
Tetie – Tetine (Pacifier in French)
Noh/Neh – Nose (Nez in French)
Mouh – Mouth
Eye – Eye
Nigh Nigh / Dodo – Sleep in English or French
Poopoo/Poopie – Poop
Pipi – Pee
Boh – Book
No, no, no (with finger wagging) – to let us know we are being naughty
Yeah! – Yes, used when we ask her if she wants to do something
Pisa! – Pizza
Chee – cheese
Chi-en – Chicken
Wahfo – Waffle
Che-oo – Cherrios
Kahcoh – Cracker
Appoh – Apple
Tap-tap – Veggies (It’s the sound it makes when you hit the back of the colander.)
Sette – Stroller (Poussette in French)
Es go – Let’s go
Puhse – purse
Towh – Town (Said at the end of each phrase in The Wheels on the Bus)
Picoh – A contraction of Please and Thank You (my personal favorite)
Tank Ou – thank you
Wehco – welcome
Allo – Hello as spoken into a phone
Fose – phone
Stikoh – Sticker

I think that’s it. I’m impressed, I didn’t realize just how many words she had. Wow. Kinda blow’s the What to Expect benchmark out of the water. 6-9 words. HA!

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