18 Months and no longer a baby

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Dear Baby C,
Yesterday you turned 18 months old and I don’t think we can call you baby C anymore. Even though you still like for us to play “baby” and rock you back and forth it really is just a game now.
You are such an independent little girl. The instant you wake up you want to walk, you rarely let me carry you any more. “Wah, wah” you beg until I put you down, and then I watch you patter away from me. When something scares you, you no longer want me to pick you up, you just want me to hold your hand until you feel secure again.
You talk non stop, sometimes making sense, sometimes not at all. We often joke that you know a secret language that no one can understand.
I often hear you singing quietly to yourself or to your stuffed animals. Your favorite songs are “Twinkle, twinkle little star”, “The wheels on the bus”, and Barney’s “I love you”. Nothing makes you happier than singing and dancing. You still move to any beat you hear, even when you are strapped into your car seat.
You delight in giving hugs and kisses and you say “I loh lu” to us all the time. When I put you on your changing table to change your diaper you grab my arm and hug it to your face and tell me “I loh lu”. It melts my heart each and every time.
You are getting taller and leaner by the minute and soon I’ll only be able to catch glimpses of the baby you once were. But I’m not too sad because the little girl you are becoming is a real card and I’m really enjoying getting to know her.
I love you baby girl.

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