The return of normalcy

standard October 25, 2006 Leave a response

Today was a regular run of the mill day. (Well almost. I did have to duck out of work for a bit to take C to a check-up. She’s fine. The preventative meds seem to be working.) As the day came to a close I realized that it’s been weeks since my days have felt anything close to normal.
First there was the packing of the friends, then the welcoming of the new staff. Then we dashed off to Hawaii, after which the insanity that surounds the start of programs and High Holy Days took over. When that craziness wound down C got sick and then I got sick. Right after that my mother came to visit.
Now normalcy can return. Routine can pick up again. And I’m not looking forward to it.
I shouldn’t worry though. I’m sure another tornado is heading my way. If I get bored in the meantime I’m sure I can keep myself occupied by planning my novel.

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