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Our skin is a veritable roadmap of our lives. It shows each scar, each stretchmark, each bump that we’ve encountered along the way. We should be proud of our skin. We should be proud of all of these marks, they are a testimony to our strength and our endurance. We should flaunt them, show them off to the world, show everyone that we can overcome the obstacles that have been in our way.
But we don’t. We cover up, mask, or try to transform these marks. We spend copious amounts of money on creams and makeup, anything that will make our skin look perfect. The media shows us photoshopped pictures of supermodels with flawless skin and we do our best to emulate them, not wanting anyone to see us as we really are.
All of this is silly. If we were to look more closely at these magazine pictures, if we looked beyond that flawless skin and pinned clothing, we would notice that these pictures have no soul. We can see amazing clothes and fantastic make-up, but we know nothing about the women (or men!) in the pictures. We know nothing of the hardships they endure, we know nothing of the joy in their lives.
We should be proud of our skin with all of it’s flaws, it bears witness to who we are, to what makes us unique.
This post was written in response to the Sunday Scribblings prompt “skin”.

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