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Ready for the big visit

standard October 18, 2006 Leave a response

The three tons of crap from the car has been cleaned out. The insane piles of paper lurking on each and every surface of the house have been cleaned up. The toys have somewhat been coraled. The futon has been sold. (Score!) Most of the laundry has been washed and even folded(!). I only have three more things to finish up at work. I hesitate to say this, but it seems that we may just well be ready for my mother’s visit.
She will be arriving at 12:30 tomorrow. We get to spend 5 short days with her, half of one which I will be spending in the office. We had a number of things planned for this week, but we have either rescheduled or found a way around them.
I can’t wait to see C playing with her french grandma. I know the two of them will get on like a house on fire. They have the same personality, are cut from the same cloth. I know they will share jokes and stories. There will be cuddles and laughs. All too soon it will be over, but even 5 days is better than nothing.

This picture was taken the last time C and her grandma were together, back in March.

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