Mandatory visit to the pumpkin patch

standard October 31, 2006 1 response

Last year we never made it. We were too busy, or too oblivious. Whatever the reason, we never got the obligatory “baby next to a pumpkin” picture. This year we actually thought C would enjoy it so we headed to a pumpkin patch not too far away.

At first she was clearly perplexed:

But she quickly warmed up to the place. Discovering how much fun pumpkins could be:

We went on a hay ride (read: tractor pulled cart that chugged around the little lot twice). It’s hard to tell whether the ride was freaking her out, or whether she was still trying to figure out what we were doing there…

Luckily the bunnies saved the day:

We left with a camera full of memories, but no pumpkins, convinced that we could find more affordable ones at the supermarket. We were wrong. That’ll teach us to be cheap. Now we get to be the lame house on the block with no Halloween decorations. But we got great pictures!

(We were pretending to lift it…)

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1 response

  • OMG so cute! We didn’t get any great pics like that..the one we went to was so crowded! And I would have thought the store would be cheaper too..someone else even told me they were! So I guess maybe this year it’s different? Great pics!!

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