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standard October 19, 2006 1 response

I had this whole post planned about how I’m convinced I have lost my mind because I was near tears as I watched a group of teenagers await their foreign exchange students at the airport. It was going to be witty and cute. It was going to convince you that I am in fact insane. (What do you mean you don’t need convincing?)
Then I checked my stats and noticed that a reader headed over to a blog from my blogroll that I haven’t checked in a long long while. I popped over there to catch up myself. What I read there broke my heart and stopped me in my tracks.
I’m sorry. I can’t make you laugh today. There are too many people suffering from the loss of their children.
Please take a second and go visit Manuela. You might not know her, but she needs some love.
Tomorrow I’ll try to be funny and witty.

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  • Thank you… thank you so much.

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