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How to have a stressful morning

standard October 4, 2006 Leave a response

aka A Morning in the Life of Me

6:49 – open eyes. Notice that alarm is going to ring in less than a minute. Decide quickly that you feel too sick to work out. Cough half heartedly to convince yourself some more. Reset alarm to ring at 7:20.
7:10 – turn over after hearing M get up to take a shower. Cough again. Yup good decision to stay in bed.
7:15 – try to ignore screaming cat. Hope he won’t wake C. Sigh in relief when M steps out of the bathroom to let him out.
7:20 – snooze alarm clock.
7:30 – turn off alarm clock.
7:31 – Mark leaves bathroom, comes into bedroom. It’s time to roll out of bed. Cough some more. Wait, maybe I am a sick.
7:32-7:45 – enjoy a lengthy shower with soothing steam and heat.
7:48 – Hear C wake up. Take a minute out of my morning ablutions to go get her up.
7:50 – Bring C into the kitchen for her morning Cheerios and yogurt. Luckily it’s early enough and M can take care of her while I finish getting dressed.
8:10 – 8:30Futs around getting C’s stuff and my stuff together.
8:30 – 8:40 – Give C her morning neb treatment. More f*ing Elmo.
8:40 – Call to C to get ready, it’s time to go. She runs to the door. I grab all of our stuff. Do the “hunt for the keys” dance. Spot them on their trusty hook by the door.
8:45 – Usher C out the door. Notice that the cat needs water. Fill his bowl with the rest of the water in my water bottle. Stand up to close the door. Close the door. Realize too late that the keys are still on the hook, on the other side of the door. Swear loudly.
8:46 – Call M. He’s just gotten to work, an hour away. Call cleaners, no answer. Call friends who have our spare key, no answer. Swear some more.
8:47 – Try the car door, just for the hell of it. It opens. Heave a sigh of relief. If I can find a ride at least I have a car seat.
8:48 – Get hold of coworker. Beg her to come get us. She’s coming in 15 minutes. Get ready for a nice wait.
8:50 – Phone rings. It’s my brother in law. There’s only one reason he could be calling. Answer excitedly. “Did you have the baby?!?!” My sister had her baby this morning. Another baby girl. Hold back tears when he tells me that the baby has my sister’s middle name as a first name and my middle name as a middle name. I have a namesake!
9:20– Coworker arrives. Load the car seat into her car. Finally head to work.

In one and a half hours I went through more stress and excitement than I usually encounter in a week. By the time I got to work I was so hyper I could barely be understood I was speaking so fast. Luckily today was a yoga day and I was able to calm down and focus a little.
The afternoon was remarkably low key.

We called the Direc*t TV people. We are getting a new DVR unit. Just in time. Our current unit has decided to step it up a notch in the wigging out domain. Now it’s being picky about what to record. Ironically it no longer wants to record my workout stuff. Maybe it’s on to something.

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