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Last weekend we spent most of the weekend lounging around doing some serious family cuddling. As soon as C went down for a nap we would rush to our room to catch a few winks ourselves (wink, wink. OK, seriously, we slept. What can I say, we’re getting old.) When C woke up one of us would go get her, change her diaper, and bring her back to our bed. This led to lots of giggles and tickles and pokes. We labor under no delusion that C will ever go back to sleep with us. She stopped doing that months and months ago sadly. But if the trade in is fun cuddly weekend mornings, then I’ll take it.
This weekend is going to be radically different.
Today C and I are running off to our bi-monthly playdate. Tonight I have bookclub. Tomorrow we are all running to teach Sunday School and then M is going to a Niners game. Instead of loving hugs and cuddles we will be playing pass the baby and running in different directions.
To explain how different the days are, it’s only 9:40 and we are all showered and dressed and M is taking out the trash. Now be honest, is that what a Saturday should be like?

Wish me luck. I am off to playgroup where all the nice women will look at me askance as I feed my child goldfish crackers. I’ll try to resist telling them that yesterday she ate part of a Lunchables, but I don’t know if I can. The look of horror on their faces is bound to be entertaining.

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  • Haha. Yesterday Grace ate 2 Madelaines from Starbucks. OMG! Processed sugar and white flour! I’m goin’ to hell!
    Monday (wink wink) will come faster than you know!

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