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But keep the old

standard October 13, 2006 3 responses

Tonight C and I went out to dinner with a few old friends, some of which I hadn’t seen for a long time.
Last time we all hung out there were lots of drinks and no kids.
Tonight we had an early dinner in a restaurant that had trays rather than table cloths. There were four high-chairs around the table. The only real Margharita that was delivered to the table was returned because it wasn’t a virgin.
It was awsome to see all of these people in their new roles. To see the boys having become dads. To watch my friends having become moms. We have different approaches to parenting, we have different gadgets, but at the end of the day we are all still the same people.
I might have been the mom with no plastic table protector, or the mom who didn’t bring jar food for her child, but while I could have felt inferior or inadequate, all I felt was love and acceptance.
We are all just moms in the trenches of motherhood, and sometimes it’s nice to find old friends there.

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3 responses

  • Actually, we kept the mistaken alcoholic margarita and I drank half of it – whee! The first drink in I think 3 years.

    It was great to see you both too! Did you also notice how we used to hang out at restaurants for at least an hour or more and tonight we were all in and out in less than an hour???

    By the way, gymbucks are a total scam – I had $25 in them but you apparently have to spend $60 to even use them and the stuff there was totally over the top expensive.

  • I got tired of all the looks of shame from the nosy people around us at restaurants and I finally got a package of those table protectors.. but I generally don’t bring food for Grace unless it’s a “sure thing” you know..something I KNOW she’ll eat in the event that she won’t eat anything I’ve given here at the restaurant…Glad to hear you had a good visit..

  • I found you through Meredith and wanted to let you know, we go commando. No table protectors for us! We like to germ it up.

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