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An independent soul

standard October 14, 2006 Leave a response

She was a little…. euh…. challenging today.
No mother likes to hear a daycare provider say something like that when they go pick up their child. We like to hear “She is the happiest child!” or “She gives such sweet hugs!” But being told that your child is a brat is never pleasant.
To be fair, I can’t argue with them. Why do they think C was there today rather than with me at work?
This past week or so C has been trying on the terrible twos for size. She has been saying no to everything and refusing to do anything we ask. When she is told she can’t have something she actually stomps her feet as she cries. If it weren’t a foreshadowing of some tough times ahead it would just be funny.
I told K, the daycare provider, that I’ve been putting her in time-out, but that beyond that I don’t know what to do. She shrugged and told me that there was nothing to be done.
She’s just exploring her independence. It’s in her nature. There’s nothing you can do.

So I shall sit back and watch my baby become a very very independent toddler. I shall enjoy seeing her personality develop. And I shall keep resorting to the ‘mean mommy voice’ to keep her out of danger and in line as long as it still has some effect on her. May those days last a little longer.

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