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A supermom without superpowers

standard October 16, 2006 1 response

On any given day I am expected to take care of C’s every need, keep the house running (more or less), do a full day’s work, get a decent meal on the table, be a good supportive wife and friend, and acomplish a million of other things to keep everyone safe, happy and healthy.
In order to do this I have exactly zero superpowers to help me. How unfair is that?

Our friends over at Sunday Scribblings asked us to imagine what our life would be like if we could freeze time, and also which superpower we would choose if we could pick one.

When I walk into a bookstore or a library I am always overwhelmed with all of the books that I’ll never be able to read. I feel the same way when I walk into a yarn store. You would think that freezing time would give me a hundred opportunities to spend quality time with C or with M, but really, if I could freeze time I would use it for quality ALONE time. Oh the books that I would read during these stolen hours. (Would they even be ‘hours’ if it was during frozen time?) And my knitting? My knitting would become amazing. I could make such beautiful things if I had an extra hour or two every day…

To be fair though, freezing time would not be my superpower of choice. It seems as though things would be a little lonely if I were the only person awake in a frozen land. Of all the available superpowers the one I long for is superspeed. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could go things superfast. If folding the laundry took 30 seconds rather than two hours I would do it a lot more often. If cleaning up the house only took a minute we wouldn’t spend so much time lamenting the fact that we live in a pig sty. And if making dinner only took a second to prepare I wouldn’t need to freeze time to have a moment alone. I would rush through the tedious parts of life so that I could slow down and savor the great parts which usually get short shifted.

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1 response

  • You’re wise to recognize the need to savor the great parts.

    Superspeed would be a terrific superpower.

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