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Tough re-entry

standard September 24, 2006 Leave a response

I love being on vacation. I love that freedom, and the feeling that all is permitted. (That’s not what I meant, get your minds out of the gutter.) There’s no budget, there’s no stress.
Sure we can get that, we’re on vacation!
Wow, that dinner was expensive. Oh well, we’re on vacation!
While I’m on vacation I tend to feel the same way about calories as I do about dollars. Anything goes, after all how much damage can I really do in a week?
But the vacation is not the issue. The problem is the reentry.
When we get home, we keep spending, and I keep eating. It’s a slight problem.
This week we’ve had to take control of the situation. We’ve been home from Hawai’i for over two weeks, and it was high time to get back into the groove of our usual lives. I made a new meal plan for the week and went grocery shopping. We’ve gone out fewer times and C seems to be eating better again. I’ve started paying off the credit card bill instead of gouging it more. I feel a little more in control.
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get back into my good eating habits. I returned to work in the middle of one of our more stressful times. Snacks abounded and I munched with impunity. Since we were going out so much I was eating more than usual, and to make things worse I was making terrible food choices. The hard lost pounds are back and I am again 10lbs away from my goal weight. I wouldn’t care all that much if it weren’t for the fact that I’m now between sizes and nothing really fits. It’s very frustrating.
So Monday I am going back on program. I will journal, writing down everything I eat, and I will try my hardest to eat my allotted points. I’ve done this before and I can do it again.
I just have to come to grips with the fact that the vacation is over.

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