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standard September 10, 2006 Leave a response

So we’ve been home for four days and I never posted once about the big reunion with C. What a terrible mom I am.
It was really tough to go to work on Wednesday without seeing her. I had planned on leaving early, but that so didn’t work out. I walked into the daycare playroom and watched her play for a minute. I turned my head to speak to K, the daycare director, so I missed the moment when C saw me. Next thing I knew sshe was standing in front of me, clapping her hands to get my attention and holding up her arms for me to pick her up. Holding her was bitter sweet. It was amazing to have her in my arms, but being away from her for a week made me realize how big she’s gotten. I was holding a little girl, not a baby. She started to “tell” me about her day, and I listened and lost myself in her world.
By the time we got home the lack of afternoon nap, routine upset and teething pains were making themselves felt. C was a bear for the rest of the evening. She didn’t want to eat. Definitely didn’t want to take a bath, didn’t want to not take a bath. Didn’t want to drink her bottle on my lap, but was willing to drink while standing in front of me with her head on my lap. She was just all out of sorts. My poor baby.
The next morning she was feeling much better, and we had a pleasant morning, but daycare drop-off was a new experience. C cried when I left. In the entire year she’s been going there she hasn’t done that once. I know that she was fine minutes later, but it was tough to hear nonetheless.
Now we area back to normal with just a little residual clinginess. There is much whining, which we are trying to curtail by introducing more words and signs. (So far, just reminding her to say “please” is going a long way!)
Hawaii was lovely, but it’s good to be home with my baby.

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