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standard September 15, 2006 Leave a response

– On the mornings when you need to be out of the house early your child will refuse to wake up and cry bitterly when you take her out of the crib.
On the one day of the weekend when you can sleep in your child will wake up at that exact same time, chirping happily and refusing to go back to sleep.

– On the mornings that you are in the greatest hurry, your child will be extra clingy and will cry when you pry her fingers from your neck so that you can escape and go to work.
On the mornings that you have a little time to hang out and play she will carelessly throw a “byebye” over her shoulder as she walks away from you, her mind already on other things.

– On the days that you are most swamped no fewer than three friends will want to chat with you online all day long.
Once the insanity calms down and you actually have time to chat absolutely no one will be online, not even the distant cousin you rarely want to chat with.

– On the day that you remember to bring your book to work you will not have a second to yourself. You will either have to work through lunch or many colleagues will want to eat with you. On the day that you forget to bring your book you will have plenty of time to linger over lunch and all of your colleagues will be busy with their own things.

What observations have you come across in your day to day meanderings?

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