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I did the funniest thing in bed last night. (No, it wasn’t sexual, geez you guys only have one thing on your minds!) When you share a bed with someone a certain amount of talking is going to happen during the course of the night. Sometimes you might even get confused between dream and reality and continue dream conversations with the real person.
When M does that it drives me crazy because he never remembers the dream he was having so he can never explain such criptic comments as “there are cherries all over the ceiling.” (Admit that you’d be curious too.)
Last night I was the one mixing up dreams and reality. I must have had a dream where M convinced me that he needed to sleep on my side of the bed. (He has a thing about my side of the be…) As it often happens we both stirred partly woke up at the same time during the night. In my half sleep I said “well if you’re awake too then it’s the perfect time to make the switch.”
You would think that he would have said something or, I don’t know, maybe asked me what the heck I was talking about, but no, he moved over to my side of the bed and went right back to sleep. I was coherent enough to grab my snoogle and try to get cozy on his side of the bed, I was asleep in minutes.
A few hours later I woke up again and realized what must have happened. I laughed myself back to sleep.

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