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Jekill and Hyde

standard September 18, 2006 Leave a response

Tonight we went out to celebrate the birthday of a good friend.
We were tired from Sunday School and an afternoon spent with a grumpy tired child who wouldn’t nap. Our motivation was running at an all time low, but we really like the people we were going out with so we sucked it up and headed out.
M’s parents had agreed to watch C, but we got the time all wrong and we ended up not having enough time to take her over there. She was so grumpy and out of sorts that I ended up giving her some Motr*n before we left in the hopes that it was her teeth bothering her and nothing more.
By the time we reached the restaurant she was a mellow version of her usual self. She charmed everyone and played nicely.
By the time we left dinner we had been there for almost three hours. She was a doll the whole time, amazing our friends with her vocabulary and good manners.
Her personality and opinions are really starting to come through clearly. Sometimes I worry about how difficult she will eventually be, and other’s I am just floored by how sweet, loving and well behaved she can be.

(wow this was an incoherent and rambly post!…)

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