It was so much easier back when…

standard September 22, 2006 1 response

I recently read a post on this blog about how life was way easier when we were kids. I agreed and got on with my day, but last night I had a long talk with a friend which made me think about friendship.
Remember when friendship was so easy? We all went to the same school, we all had recess together. None of us were ever too busy to see each other. Playdates were organized for us. We even had sleepovers! Glorious sleepovers where not much sleep was had, but the chatting never stopped.
Now we have lives. Incredibly busy, crazy lives that get in the way of everything that matters to us. I have friends I want to call every day, but sometimes I go weeks without checking in. I know that some of them are going through difficult times, but the days get away from me and I never get a chance to call.
I meet new, wonderful people, and I want to be their friends, but I can’t imagine where I would fit a new friendship into my already insane life. What’s the point of making new friends if I don’t have time to be the kind of friend I want to be, the kind of friend they deserve to have?
I wish we could have sleepovers every so often, something more regular than a weekend away every year, something more substantial than the odd girl’s night out. I wish there was a way we could connect more often, taking time to cut through the noise of our every day lives and say “how are you, really?”.
I wish it were as easy as it use to be.

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