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It has been the longest day. In fact I think it may have started yesterday morning.
There was the beach, and some sun, a book, the ocean… it was lovely. Then there was showering and packing, checking under the bed, grabbing the things we almost forgot in the safe, checking out and hoping into the car.
We headed to Costco, (what, you don’t do that on vacation?) grabbed some gifts for the poor people at home and made it to the airport with three hours to spare.
After switching to an earlier flight we were off to Honolulu for a six hour layover.

Honolulu was a culture shock. A cabbie recomended that we visit Waikiki beach, so we did.
You should have seen the two of us standing in that THRONG of people, all of our caryon luggage on our shoulders. To go from a virtually unpopulated beach paradise to that was pretty awful. We wandered around in shock for a while and had some dinner. We still had a few hours to kill, but we were more than willing to spend them at the airport.
We caught a cab and promptly stopped moving. Something about a truck with a crane and a pedestrian overpass… It took us an hour and a half to go 5 miles. Seriously. We got to the airport just in time to go through security and get on the plane.

Our plane took off at 12:30am (CA time), late because half the crew, including the pilot, were stuck in the traffic jam. We landed in San Fran at 5am, 20 minutes early. By the time we waited aroud for a shuttle and finally hailed a cab it was 6am. We picked up our car and headed home. After an all too brief two hour nap we rushed to work.
Considering the fact that I forgot my glasses and that I was bleary with exhaustion I think I pulled the day off quite nicely. However, even the lure of the Paris Project Runway episode can no longer keep me from my bed.

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