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Hawai’i is…

standard September 1, 2006 1 response

Spectacular. No, really. It’s like being in a Corona commercial all the time. I keep waiting for someone to hand me one, but so far nothing.
Our flight was uneventful and we arrived right on time, two hours before we could check in. We visited local towns and just bummed around.

Our hotel is gorgeous. I think we will be coming back again and again.
Here is a shot of what you see when you enter the lobby. It’s open air and breathtaking.

We have spent lots of time by the pool.

But not so much time on the beach.

This afternoon we went on a fun expedition.

Tomorrow more fun and games are in the works. Breakfasting, pool sitting, beach lounging, snorkeling, Mei Teiing and dining! The fun doesn’t end! More pictures are sure to follow.

PS. Sometime yesterday, after having unprotected nookie, and well into our extremely potent Mei Teis M decided that he should tell me that he wasn’t ready to have a second child. Why he waited until we were here to tell me this is beyond me. Why he waited until it was possibly too late is even more of a mistery. I was pissed (in more ways than one), but now I am just sad. (And I have a hunch that it might really have been too late anyway… time will tell.)

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1 response

  • Why do men do that stuff at the worst possible times? Like, when it is too late! tee hee..glad to hear you are having fun fun!

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