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My trusty statistic software has always been a source of entertainment for me. It lets me see what nutty web searches have led people here. It tells me which friends, both real and virtual, are checking up on me. It tells me how many of my readers come back on a regular basis. And it tells me how many of those readers read my archives.
Last night I noticed that someone in Calgary has been busy delving through my archives. This reader came to me by doing a search based on the name of my old blog.
I have a hunch this reader is my father. Hi dad!
I closed my last blog because family members were reading it. I spent more time sensoring myself than writing. It was an excercise in frustration.
I won’t do that again.
if things you read offend you or upset you, please feel free to call me, I’m happy to explore them with you. However, I ask respectfully that you not discuss what you read here with anyone else in our family. I have not shared this blog address with them because I need a private space to write. They all know most of it, but I feel better telling them myself.
Thanks for respecting that.

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