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Forced downtime

standard September 9, 2006 Leave a response

Every day we rush and rush. Things to do, people to call, places to go. Hurry, hurry, rush, rush, rush. Our brains move along on super fast forward. While we are finishing one task we are already thinking about the next three. The music in our cars is fast paced, much like the speed at which we drive.
But once in a blue moon we are brought to an abrupt stop. We have to do a mindless task that stops us in our tracks; standing in line at the grocery store, making photocopies, pumping gas. During those times we have two options. We can let our minds race on, stressing about the time we are wasting, or we can take a minute to breathe.
Sometimes these forced moments of downtime are the things that keep us sane. Sometimes that three minute break can make all of the difference between a day that ends in tears or a day that doesn’t.
As your car fills with gas take a minute, look around outside, watch the leaves blowing in the wind. Glance at the people walking by, see how they aren’t all stressed out of their minds. Practice some deep yogic breathing.
By the time your car’s tank has been filled, your own reserves will be replenished. Maybe when you get back into the car you will turn off the radio and take a few more minutes to enjoy the quiet, taking advantage of more forced downtime.

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