Breakfast with Darth Vader

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C had a rough night yesterday. We were up every hour. At first she seemed just upset, but as the night wore on her breathing got more and more labored. At 4am I gave her an albuterol treatment. It seemed to help a little and she actually slept for a couple of hours after that.
This morning when she woke up she sounded terrible. I took her to the kitchen to share her usual breakfast moment with M and as I sat her down I said “Lucky you, you get to have breakfast with Darth Vader.”

Shortly after that I gave her another treatment. It didn’t help at all. That’s when I started to think that this wouldn’t just go away by itself. It’s amazing how fast you can get an appointment at the pediatrician’s when you call to say that your screaming child is having trouble breathing.

We spent most of the day at the doctor’s office. C had three nebulizer treatments during our first visit. After the third treatment they hesitated between sending us home or sending us to the hospital. They sent us home with the injunction to be back in the office four hours later to reevaluate C’s breathing after a home treatment. At that second visit, C wasn’t doing any better. She got to have another neb treatment. (Are you counting yet? That’s 5 so far.)

It is now 9pm. C got another treatment (6) before bedtime, an hour and a half ago. Now she sounds like Darth Vader again, but at least she is sleeping. I’m supposed to wake her at midnight to give her another treatment (7). I really hope that it’s enough to get us through the night. I really don’t want to end up in the ER in the middle of the night.

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