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In an effort to get me to spend more time with him, M has thoughtfully written my evening blog post for me. I was going to entertain you with fun Hawaiian anecdotes (the frog! the frustrated Volcano guide!), but I guess that can wait.

Here you go. (Please forgive me the luridness…. I chose not to edit it.)

From the desk of M…
This is my blog. Hi my name is M. Right now my wife R thinks that I am messing up her computer. Well I am. So neener.

Today I would like to talk about R. She is so sweet and so nice. I think she is one of the most amazing wives I know. Apparently last night she had sex with me while I was sleeping. Tonight she made yummy cookies and yummy spaghetti.

Unfortunately nobody is going to read this because I don’t actually have a blog. That’s ok. This blog is only intended for one reader. (hahahaha!)

Right now R is getting a book. She has no idea where the book is. She now thinks that I am lying. I’m not lying. She’s just silly. Little does she know but I stuffed it up my bootie. Oh well.

Right now she is in her underwear. Right now she’s itching her butt. That’s not so hot. (It was itchy!)

Now she’s laughing at me. Now she’s saying … “M where’s my boooooook.” “I’m so mad.”

I don’t think she’ll ever find her book. (I found it…)

That’s ok… she’ll eventually realize that she has a hot husband in her bed. I guess I’ll just have to wait. (Or not.)

In the meantime, I’m going to write R’s blog entry so that she can spend the rest of the evening with me: (Yay!)


Tonight’s topic: C vs. Spaghetti

Some kids make messes when the eat. My child eats her mess. Today she needed to be naked in order not to get her clothes all dirty. It was pretty funny.

The only way to clean her is with a/many baby wipes. She thinks it’s funny. I think she just likes the feel of ground beef, tomato sauce and slippery spaghetti on her skin. Honestly, I’ve never tried it. She may be on to something.

So here’s my question for the evening. Have you ever had any strange food on your body? If so what was it, and how did it make you feel?

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  • Yucky..It’s all yucky.. thats how Grace feels too..except when it’s on her hair.. she likes it all on her hair.. btw..nice post M

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