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I am so beat tonight. It’s been a tough couple of weeks and I think it’s just catching up with me now.
There was the pre-Bar stress of handling more than 90% of the childcare. There was the week without daycare, which coincided with the Bar, effectively making me single mom extraordinaire for a week. There was the amazing awsome weekend with lots and lots of wine, but very little sleep.
I’m so tired that I feel a little punchy. Work today didn’t do anything to make me feel more grounded.
When I walked into the office that I share with my co-worker I found all of our furniture pushed into the center of the room. I had honestly thought that the custodians would finish painting the office yesterday while I “worked” from home. (hey, I tried!) They weren’t even a third of the way done. My computer was unplugged and I kind of felt lost.
After I dealt with mail and other little things I cajoled the head custodian into at least plugging in my computer. The internet and server were still down, but there was a lot I could do in the meantime. He was kind enough to hook me up, and there I spent the rest of the day, sitting in the middle of sheer chaos while people painted around me.
The office walls are a gorgeous soothing blue. The rest of the office is a godawful mess.
On Monday we get new furniture and hopefully the mess can be laid to rest. In the meantime the limits of my mess tolerance will be sorely tried.

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