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What have you learned this year?

standard August 9, 2006 Leave a response

As I looked at my soon to be 15 month old child eat a little of this and a little of that at Fresh Choice tonight I was struck by the sheer quantity of things she has learned in the past year.
A year ago she couldn’t roll over yet. Today she walks everywhere, spurning crawling and often even holding our hand for support.
A year ago she could only communicate by crying and grunting. Now she talks a blue streak (much of it uninteligable) and uses more and more signs to make herself understood.
A year ago she could barely control an arm long enough to reach for a toy. Now she stacks blocks and sorts toys. She can help put things away. She knows to put her pacifier and doggie in the crib after her naps. She can throw a ball and a score of other things.
A year ago she drank breastmilk or formula, as long as it was white and in a boob or bottle, she was happy to drink it. Now she’s very opinionated about what she eats, liking one thing one night, hating it the next.

I am constantly astounded by what she can learn in just one day. I am blown away with the amount she has learned in a year. I know that babies have a much larger capacity for growth and learning than adults. I know it is unreasonable to expect to still be learning things at that rate. However, I do think that we should take our children’s example and push ourselves to learn new things more often.

In the last few years I have taught myself to knit and some (very) basic sewing skills. I have expanded my cooking repertoire. I have created a blog or two (or three). I have taught myself to do some basic photoshop things.

What have you learned this year? What do you want to learn in the coming year?

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