Things I’ve learned today

standard August 8, 2006 1 response

Giving a 15 month old a chocolate muffin at 7:15 when her bed time is 7:45 is not a bright idea. (But those Fresh Choice chocolate muffins are soooo good…) – C is still bright eyed and bushy tailed at 8:30pm.

When you think that it might be best to bite your tongue instead of reminding your husband that your child’s shoes have a right and left foot, you might be wrong… (who has shoes that tie on the inside of the ankle?)

No matter how much storage you instal in the child’s room, there will still be just as many toys in the family room.

The laundry, it is a beast, it demands blood and sweat and still never relents.

If there is a single balloon in any store you walk into, your child will see it and talk about it non stop until it is in her possession.

When you are in a foul mood, going on an excursion with your husband and adorable child is a pretty good way to raise your spirits.

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