The sh*t has hit the fan

standard August 4, 2006 Leave a response

At work that is. We’ve hit the Oh Sh*t it’s August and our Education Programs start in a month panic.
Of course, our computers have decided to take turns wigging out. You know, to keep us on our toes and such.
Today it was my turn. After having no internet access for three days now (which includes no outside email for those thinking that I’m sad just because I can’t check my favorite blogs.) today I was unable to connect to the internal server either.
We are always told to save things to the server in case our computers crash. The gyst of that is that today I couldn’t reach any of my files.
It was a bit challenging, but I rose to the occasion and only swore every so often when I would realize one more thing that was connected to the server (printer, calendar, database…).
And honestly, considering the stress, I only had very little chocolate and candy!

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