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The room where we measure growth

standard August 17, 2006 1 response

C went in today for her 15 month check up. It was a completely uneventful visit, C was sweet to everyone and was even willing to show off a little The doctor thought she looked great, the nurses thought she was adorable, and she thought that the nurse that stuck a needle in her leg, twice (!), was a mean old hag. (No seriously, the look on her face said it all.)

We learned that she is still in the 75% for weight, 80% for height and 70% for head size. She is a great walker and talker and is basically healthy as a horse. (A healthy horse obviously.)

Considering it was such a normal visit I am oddly blown away. By some odd twist of fate whenever we go to the pediatricians we only ever see one of three examination rooms. There are lots more rooms available, it’s just that we’ve never see them.
When you see your child everyday you don’t really see them grow. You know in an abstract way that they are getting bigger and are growing up, but you don’t really see it happening. When you see them somewhere you haven’t been to in a while gives you a clearer vision of the changes that have taken place.
C hadn’t been in this exam room since her last visit at 12 months. I was blown away by how much she has changed since then.
– At that time she had only been crawling for a few weeks and was still doing the orangutang crawl (for the yoga savy among us, aka the Downward Dog Crawl). Now she walks everywhere.
– She had only one or two words at her command, doddy (could be used for daddy or doggy) and mama. Now she uses lots of words and also signs to communicate her desires.
– Back then she was happy to sit on my lap, now she has to sit in a chair by herself, like a big girl.
– Today she was playing with me while we waited, playing jokes, pretending to take a nap, really interacting with me. Three months ago there was so much less of that going on and so much more just observing and letting things be done to her or around her.

The nurse mentioned that today C was getting her last “baby” shots. Her next shots are “big girl” shots. At first I thought that it was absurd to make the distinction, after all these big girl shots are taking place in just three months, but now I get it.
Today I really saw it, my baby isn’t a baby any more, my baby is a little girl.

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1 response

  • I always marvel at how much they grow!! My little girl is TINY… she’s almost two and she’s 10% in weight (the doctor is just glad she’s on the chart at all!) but when we had our thrid this past year, suddenly she went from baby to big girl over night!! They are fun to watch…There’s nothing like it!! xo lyns

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