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The question of the binky

standard August 5, 2006 4 responses

Binky, paci, stopper upper… whatever you want to call it, I think we’ve finally reached the moment when we have to decide what to do about it.
Do we get rid of it? Do we hold on to it until C decides to give it up on her own? Do we make sure she has extas when she heads off to college?
Sometimes I think that it’s time to go cold turkey (like last week when M was away taking the Bar. Boy am I glad I didn’t do that to myself…), and others when I think that it isn’t doing any harm and we might as well hang on to it.
We do have a somewhat strict rule about keeping the pacifier in the crib when we are at home. C knows that when she gets up she has to chuck it into the crib. She doesn’t seem to miss it when she’s playing, although she does throw herself on one if she finds it lying around. (She particularily favors the really yucky dusty crusty ones.)
When we are out and about she has the pacifier in the car and sometimes in the stroller. (You know, when I’m deluding myself about the fact that if I walk long enough she’ll go to sleep.) But she doesn’t walk around with it, because, honestly that gives me the heeby jeebies.
Her speech is developping quite well and she’s a happy well ajusted child. She has a handful of other loveys that she sleeps with all the time. (Namely a doggy and blanket which she loves more than life itself.)
So what do you think? Do we keep it and wait it out, or do we go cold turkey?

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4 responses

  • My 17 month old still has hers with the exact same rules….in the bed or the car. We plan to give them to the “Sucky Fairy” on her 2nd birthday. Good luck!

    PS. I got to you through Silicon Valley Moms Blog

  • Well..We have the same thing except that it’s her thumb and she can’t leave it in the crib.. sigh. Chris said he was a thumb sucker until he was three or four.. he did have to have braces but otherwise his teeth are fine, straight and healthy..but I do have moments where I think ‘I wonder if I should be discouraging this…”.. So who knows? It’s probably one of those things where you’ll know when it’s the right time.. I have heard of the Sucky Fairy or the Binky Fairy..there is supposed to be a story you can get online that will help you get them to give it up themselves…

  • So we were told to get rid of it by 9 months or else they become very emotionally attached to it. We had seen this in our friend’s kids who at 2 and 3 years old, were still using them and the parents were struggling to get them to stop. At around 11 months, we started just giving it to our son when he napped/slept. It was a crib thing only. At 12 months, we just took it away cold turkey. He didn’t seem to notice. It could have been that it was just him and another kid going through this at the same age would scream bloody murder.

    I am not suggesting that you have to give it up, or that our way is the “right” way for C, but just that this is how we did it.

    Some kids give it up on their own when they are ready. Some don’t and have to be forced. You just won’t know how this will play out until she is older.

    But I like not having to keep track of the damn things and keeping washing them!

  • Momma, two souds like a good plan. It’s early enough so that there’s not too much trauma, but late enough that they understand.
    Amanda, that is EXACTLY why she has the paci in the first place. M and I were both big thumb suckers (until 10 or 11) and we were hoping to avoid that for C.
    Meredith, I wanted to give it up earlier, and we would have because for a while she needed me to go ‘find’ it for her in the middle of the night. Then she learned to go back to sleep without it and the urgency passed. Now I think we have to wait until she weans herself from it…

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