T minus 9 hours

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It’s 11pm. I just put the finishing touches on my last work project. It’s been a grueling work day and I’m ready for my vacation.
We dropped C off after dinner. My sweet mother in law was very patient with me as I went over the long list of important C facts that I had put together. After we got home I fought the urge to call and check on my baby. However as we were packing my mother in law called me to tell me that C had gone to bed without a fight and was sleeping the sleep of the innocent. I wasn’t worried about her at all, but it did make me feel a little less guilty about leaving her.

We are all packed up. The alarms have been set (for 5am people, who gets up at that kind of time?), and we are ready to roll!
Wooohoooo, Hawaii here we come!

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