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Not thinking about it….

standard August 20, 2006 Leave a response

These days I am very very torn. On the one hand I am filled with excitement over our upcoming trip, on the other hand I am filled with dread over leaving C for a whole week.

The excitement is tangible. I have bought a bikini. (In which I look pretty darn good in if I may say…) I have a dress for the wedding and some cute clothes for the rest of the time. I have purchased a number of books in preparation for the plane ride and the long afternoons on the beach. I can almost taste the cocktails and feel the sand beneath my toes.

The dread mounts day by day. I keep thinking of yet one more thing that I have to remember or do before C goes to her grandparent’s for the week. The food, the diapers, the clothing. Don’t forget the doggy, blankets and pacifiers. Milk, bottles, oatmeal. Argggg… The list goes on and on. I feel crazy for wanting to make detailled lists of what C’s mornings and evenings are like. My mother in law has raised 3 children of her own and spends an insane amount of time with her grandchildren. I know she knows what to do. I know C will be just fine. But I still want to write her a novel about how we do things.

In the end I will supply everything. I will write the novel. I will hand over my child and her ‘stuff’. I will feel as though I have done my part. My mother in law will disregard pretty much everything. But C will be happy, spoiled and loved. Everything will be A OK.

An once I’m on that plane with a book in my hand I’m pretty sure I won’t care much anymore. (Is a 9am flight too early for a gin and tonic?)

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