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So last night C didn’t fall asleep until 10:30pm. Note to self… no chocolate muffins after 1pm ever again. She played and played in her crib. She told stories to the doggy and cow and laughed at all of their jokes. Every so often she would call out to us “uppy, uppy!” But for the most part we ignored her. After a while she decided that crying was the way to go. I, like the mean mommy that I am, kept ignoring her. Her daddy wanted to go rescue her. (sucker) After many puppy dog eyes coming from the paternal corner I caved and went to tell the child to cut it out and go to sleep. When I walked in she looked up, uttered a quick “uh oh” and dove head first into her mountain of stuffies, instantly pretending to sleep. Only the giggles gave her away.
Now if M had walked in she would have squeezed out a tear or two and murmured a sweet “uppy, uppy, duppy”. A minute later she would have been playing happily in the living room.
That kid? She has us pegged, and she is playing us!

Before the bed drama took place we moved a ton of C’s toys to her room. We had just assembled a new storage thingy in her room. After a long while we had finally decided that we had moved enough toys and we had a seat on the couch. C, however, thought that having toys in her room rocked. Finally she could play with them without annoying mom and dad watching her. She grabbed her favorite toy and started to carry it to her room. The thing weighs a ton (for her) and she has only been walking for two weeks. It went something like this: lift, step, puff, step, puff, put down heavy toy. Lift, step, puff, step, puff, put down toy.
It took her forever to lug it halfway to her room. She was very proud, and for all that time we knew exactly where she was!

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