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Grumpy today

standard August 7, 2006 Leave a response

Don’t you just hate it? Some days you just wake up grumpy and there really isn’t any reason for it.
Today is one such day.
It could be that I am on day 4 of the second round of antibiotics in a month.
It could be that I. don’t. want. to. work. and this condition seems to get worse every week.
It could be that I was all excited about getting the ball rolling on C version 2.0 while in Hawaii, but I did the math and I should be getting my period sometime in the middle of my tropical vacation. (Seriously, that is such a double bummer. I mean, my period? in the middle of paradise? that is really going to mess with my beach relaxing!)
It could be that C won’t take a nap today.
It could be that my staff meeting which usually takes place at 11am has been postponed (by a phone call received at 11:45am) until 2pm. They might be able to conference me in. We’ll see at 2…

Whatever it is, I hope I wake up happier tomorrow!

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