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Evolution of a mood

standard August 1, 2006 1 response

8:30 am – Hi baby. Wow I’m tired. Guess four nights of sitting up late drinking wine with my houseguest is finally taking it’s toll. Grumble a little and haul myself out of bed.

9:30 am – log on to computer to check work email. Telecommuting rocks, I’m still in my PJs as I do this. Hun, email server seems to be down, let’s log into the computer remotely. Hun, web server seems to be down. Annoyance starts to creep up. I call to see what’s going on. Server is being worked on. Whatever, I’ll get to work a little later than usual.

10 am – Head out to the car to take my friend to the airport. I’m sad she’s leaving. This was our first visit in 6 years and who knows when I’ll see her next. Plus, we had an AWSOME weekend and I’m really sad to have to get back to work.

10:30 am – Arrive back at home. Check email again. Still nothing. Annoyance grows, I really slacked last week and I have a TON of work to do.

10:35 am – Check the clock. Darn, no time for a 30 minute workout before my 11am phone meeting. No time to shower either. Let’s check flights and fares for our weekend to Portland and our trip to Hawaii.

11:15 am – Why haven’t they called yet? I could totally have exercised AND showered by now. I call them to see what’s going on. “Oh, no one’s here, we’re not going to have a meeting.” Well gee, I’ve only talked to you twice in the last two hours, you don’t think someone could have told me?

11:30 am – Ok, here’s a flight to Portland that could work. Let’s hope that we can still use the in-law’s miles to get it. (secretly I kind of hope that we can’t, I don’t really want to go.) Oh, and here are some great deals for Hawaii! We’re going to Hawaii, we’re going to Hawaii.

12:00 pm – I’m too busy bullying M into agreeing to the Hawaii deal to realize that I’ve been hopping between American Airlines and Travelocity for over an hour. I’ve found a deal that’s better than all of the ones I’ve seen over the last few weeks. It’s at a swank resort, it includes air fare AND a rental car, and I’m taking it no matter how reluctant M is. (He has a fear of flying, it makes it hard for him to commit to vacations. I’d also say that he has a fear of spending money, but that might make him just sound cheap…)

12:10 pm – We’re going to Hawaii, we’re going to Hawaii!! The mood is at it’s high point of the day. Festivities include dancing around the room with C and rolling around on the floor laughing.

12:15 pm – Check work email again. The bloody server is still down. Decide to call it a day and call work to say that I’m taking a mental health day. (They should totally just call those “I drank way too much this weekend and slept way too little and I really don’t feel like working today” days, but I guess that might be a little long.) This day is decidedly looking up.

12:45 pm – We have inhaled a quick lunch and fed C and now we are heading out to play at the park. I still haven’t showered, I still have hopes to exercise later. I love the feeling of playing hooky when I’m supposed to be working.

12:48 pm – Look at M in utter confusion as he admits that the Hawaii trip is stressing him out because he doesn’t feel like he deserves it. (The impetus for the trip is that his best friend at law school is getting married there. He’s just finished three years of law school, during which he worked the whole time, and has just finished taking the Bar. We have a one year old daughter. I certainly feel as though I deserve the trip!) I don’t really know what to say, but I am seriously annoyed at him. Way to take the wind out of my sails!

1 pm – What a cute park! It’s quite pleasant to lounge around on a blanket in the shade. The breeze is lovely and I’m thourougly enjoying my book while M and C play on the swings.

1:25 pm – Oh well, that was sweet, but short. The baby is getting cranky and the husband is getting silent. It’s time for naps all around.

1:4o pm – Darned server is still down at work. I shouldn’t have told them I was taking the day off! C and M are both asleep and I take a few minutes to write a new post for SV Moms Blog. (We were written up in the San Jose Mercury News! We’re famous! No seriously.)

2:30 pm – M’s dad calls to say that we can’t use miles for our Portland trip. When M wakes up I tell him and we decide to bag the trip. I feel great relief about this. Too much is too much and I think we need next weekend to regroup.

3 pm – Time to menu plan for the week. Maybe if I know we are going to be eating well this week I’ll stop feeling so icky.

3:15 pm – Wait a second. That was the third time I’ve had to pee in the last 20 minutes. Man, a UTI would not be so fun to have right now.

4 pm – Maybe if I shower I’ll feel better.

4:30 pm – Nope not so much, plus I just peed another four times.

5:30 pm – C starts to ask for cheese. I guess she wants to eat early tonight. I feed her, but she must not be feeling too hot either because she whines the whole time. We both feel frustrated by the end, but it’s way too early for her to go to bed. Gah.

6:15 pm – M agrees to give C a bath, a long one. I take the time to keep working on my menu plan. I still feel icky.

7 pm – I make us some spaghetti with turkey bolognese. It’s pretty good, but hard to enjoy with a tired, cranky toddler who refuses to go to sleep and just wants to see what we are eating. Uppy, uppy duppy!!

8 pm – I finally convince C to go to sleep. Heave a sigh of relief and finish working on my menu while I watch Project Runway. I can’t wait to see what big drama awaits us on Wednesday!

9:15 pm – Gather my things and head to Safeway. The place looks like a hoard of hungry mobs have ransacked it. I can’t find half of the things I need for my carefully prepared menu. As I stand in the too long line I ruminate about my day. By the time I check out I’m really pissed at M for raining on my Hawaii parade.

10 pm – Put away all of the groceries, annoyed at the amount of non eaten left-overs in the fridge.

10:15 pm – Tell M, very nicely, why I am so annoyed. Go brush my teeth. I don’t feel much better now that I’ve told him. I should have slammed a door or something.

10:20 pm – Decide to blog about my rollercoaster day. Maybe I’ll feel better.

11 pm – Dude, that took longer than I thought. I think M is asleep. Bummer, I kind of feel silly now. Oh well, time for a quick cuddle and then a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe it’ll be better.

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  • Wow.. too long a day and it’s only 5:33pm as I read about it.. I feel the same way about Safeway..but I’m officially boycotting them. Think I’ll write about it on SVmoms.. Hope you get M on board about Hawaii..

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