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Christmas early in the Rose household

standard August 16, 2006 1 response

Today I got a lot of my work done, and I wasn’t grumpy or irritable with anyone. (No, seriously!) I think that my new outlook is really helping.

When C and I got home we found a surprise waiting for us. Two large packages from my mother! Granted, I was there when one of the two were packed, but it was still fun to receive them. One package contained all of the Gien plates that we bought during our last trip to France as well as a birthday present for C. The other contained a ton of books from my childhood. I can’t wait to have a long afternoon unpacking that box.

In other news today was C’s one year daycare anniversary. All I can think of is how sad I was a year ago. How worried I was that I would miss all of her big milestones. How worried I was about being away from her all day long.

In retrospect I needen’t have worried. C loves her daycare and her daycare providers. She loves all of her friends. When I pick her up and ask if she had a good day they answer “doesn’t she always?”. She has become an independent, self confident, funny little girl. I know that I owe a lot of that to the amazing care that she has received over the past year.

(On a side note, I’m sorry I stopped writing monthly letters to C. It really is nice to be able to read back and see what our lives we like back then.)

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1 response

  • How fun!! Unfortunatelly I didn’t have the foresight to keep alot of that stuff from my childhood. I’ve become anti-packrat to an extreme as an adult because my mom and my grandmothers are all packrats to the opposite extreme.. unfortunately, It’s come back to haunt me as I think about things I had that I would have loved to give to Grace….You’ll have fun going through the boxes…

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