Almost no juice left

standard August 29, 2006 1 response

I just spent so much time writing the “C directions” for the grandparents that the computer has no more juice, and honestly I’m just too tired and drained to go plug it in.

We leave in less than 48 hours. Tomorrow night C goes to the grandparents. I spent all day giving her lots and lots of hugs and cuddles. She seemed to feel a need for them too. I know she is going to have lots of fun. I know she is going to be fine. But I’m still going to miss her horribly.

What was I thinking?

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1 response

  • That you are going to go have a great time, see some awesome scenery..have some alone time with M and that C will get a week of spoiling from her grandparents.. you’ll all have a great time! i promise!

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