A confession and some pictures

standard August 5, 2006 2 responses

So I have a little confession to make and I thought that some pictures would distract all of you from the horror of it.
After a lot of begging from the founders I have finally submitted a bio for SV Moms Blog, the awsome blog I write for. I didn’t lie about anything, honest! Even though it’s hard to write a truthful bio while remaining somewhat anonymous, I stuck to the truth. (Of course anyone who encounters me in real life would instantly know who I was just by reading the bio, but seriously, 1000 hits a day? I doubt many of them see me on even a bi-yearly basis.) Anyway, on to the confession.
I listed some of my hobbies. I couldn’t bring myself to say that I’m a TVholic. “My name is (not) Rose and I watch A LOT of TV.” Like, a lot. But apparently I’m not proud of it. Ha!
I follow many of the hit shows and even read some blogs about those shows. (I know, it’s sick!). We have Tivo and I have nightmares about everything being erased.
In my defence I rarely “just” watch TV. I usually multitask. I blog or read blogs. I play computer games (WebSudoku anyone?). I knit. Anything to keep myself from snacking.

So here’s the distraction… some pics of C! Yay!
First I bring you a picture of C contemplating religion…

Look a growth on my chest! (AKA, the visit to Muir woods)

Really? It’s not for sitting in? But I asked the birthday fairy for a chair!

If I could live my life upside down I would…

No, seriously!

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2 responses

  • Hi Rose!
    Thank you for giving us your bio… and for writing on Silicon Valley Moms Blog. It was such a treat to see your picture on your blog! 🙂
    Jill Asher

  • thanks Jill!
    I really hesistated about posting it, but I love seeing the pics of bloggers on their blogs so I thought I would do it anyway.

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