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The saga of the cell phone

standard July 12, 2006 Leave a response

I have a cell phone. Well, I had a cell phone. It didn’t do anything fancy, it just allowed me to make and receive calls (even that it didn’t always do well) . Last week when I plugged my phone in I heard a little crack and all of a sudden the plug didn’t fit into the jack all that well anymore. The phone was still charging so I figured I could get a little more time out of it. (I’m all for using things till the bitter end.)
On Sunday the phone decided to call it quits and started to refuse to charge and I had to come to grips with the fact that I was going to have to shell out some cash and get a new phone.
I had three options
1) Live without a cell phone (HAHAHAHAHA… sorry, sometimes I crack myself up)
2) Shell out $55 for the insurance that would allow me to get the same phone, but not have to renew my contract yet.
3) Shell out $75 for a new phone, but have to renew my contract.
I decided to go with option 2. Even before this all started I wasn’t thrilled with the service I was getting and I want to be able to switch companies in December.

I loaded up my child and took my sick self to the store whose logo might or might not look like a swoosh and who might or might not have just merged with the company that has walkytalky cell phones. The first store we went to was willing to give me a new phone in exchange for my broken one, but they didn’t have the necessary cable to transfer my five million phone numbers into my new phone. So I loaded the baby back into the car and headed 15 minutes away to a store that could.
The second store was willing to give me a previously owned phone (only 14 days, never used, honest!) in exchange for my phone. I said fine. The did the phone book transfer and started to get the phone set up for my account. A long while later they give me the phone. I load the baby back into her stroller (sometime after the first half hour she had demanded out) and head out to the car. I load the baby into her car seat, tie up her new balloons, get the stroller into the trunk, get into the front street and try to call M to tell him about our saga. The phone wouldn’t let me dial out.
I haul the baby out of the car and storm back into the store.
They pondered the issue for another long while. Turns out you aren’t supposed to put the numbers in first. Now they can’t unprogram the phone. So they get a brand new phone and start again.
An HOUR later C is crawling all over the store and I’m loosing my mind slowly. They finally give me the brand new properly programed phone. I still can’t make outgoing calls, but they asure me that it’s because the info still hasn’t reached the service center and it’ll be working within a couple hours. Since we’ve now been dealing with this for the last three hours I’m willing to believe them and we head home.
Obviously by this morning the phone still wasn’t working. I spent a chunk of time on the phone with customer services trying to see if there was something I could do about it over the phone. Haha. yeah no. The phone isn’t working properly and I have to take it back to the store.

Since I was hacking up a lung all day I got to leave work a little early. I took C home and put her to bed, told M I was going back and headed back to the store.
I went through my story and the nice lady took my phone and gave it to the techs in the back room. I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise to anyone that the phone was defective, nor that they tried to give me the original defective phone (despite the fact that I told the nice lady that it hadn’t worked yesterday) . Forty minutes later a third phone is brought out. This one works! Yay! But they can’t get my phone book into it. Booo. But it’s ok, the techs are working on it. yay! But twenty minutes later they still haven’t figured it out. Booo. They need to load new software into their computer. Booo. They can’t do it until the store closes. Booo. I need to come back tomorrow. Quadruple Booo.
And if it doesn’t work tomorow?
I’ll get YET ANOTHER phone. Yay, boo? I just don’t know anymore.

Stay tuned for updates tomorrow!
(yeah I know, I can’t wait either)

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