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I’ve often thought of brilliant things to blog about while in my car or running in to pick up C, only to completely blank on them the instant I sit in front of my computer. Then I bore all of you with some drivel about my day.
I think I have found a solution! I bought myself a handy dandy notebook. I keep it with me to jot down my brilliant thoughts. Of course I have to find it in the depths of my diaper bag when inspiration strikes, and then I have to get my tush off the couch when I want to blog, but in theory it should work… Of course tonight I’m ignoring the notebook with tons of great bloggy goodness to regale you with more boring drivel. Sorry, you’ll have to wait for the brilliance.

M finished day one of the Bar. He seems to be hanging in there. His mood is pretty good and he seems really ok. I hope tomorrow goes as well as today. I can’t believe that in two days I will no longer be a “Bar Widow”. I plan on letting M bear the brunt of the childcare load for the next two weeks. It’s been a long few weeks of almost single parenting. It’s made me much much more aware of how much work a single parent has to do, and much much more appreciative of my husband!

Cross your fingers for M. Two more days to go.

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