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I had the time of my life…

standard July 24, 2006 2 responses

The five of us met at my house at 7pm. The plan was to eat and then go dancing. But the insane heat made us all want to revisit that plan in a hurry.
We decided to head to a mall which had a pretty good restaurant selection and a movie theatre.
BJ’s Brewhouse had a nice host who tried to chat us up and directed us to the bar to wait for our table. Two of us ran off to the movie desk to see what was playing when. By the time we got back the other girls had gotten some drinks and were waiting for a table at the bar. Shortly after we scored a fantastic table and realized that we had better stear clear of the mixed drinks and stick to coctails.
We talked about our husbands, our friends, our sex lives and everything and anything else we could think of. We laughed uproariously all night long. We decided that we needed to have a passion party to equip everyone with the proper toys. Our poor waiter knows more about all of us than he ever wanted to know. (We gave him a big tip, promise!)
It was a blast. Hands down one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. And to top it all off the waitstaff made a mistake and brought us double desserts, all free because it was our birthday! Nothing better than warm chocolate cookie smothered with ice cream to finish off a great evening.

In other news, my dad has called twice in the last two days and has decided that he needs to come visit. Wonders never cease!

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2 responses

  • Happy Birthday! I am sorry I could not attend. It was so insanely hot that I wanted to die – you had the right idea going to dinner and a movie!

    Welcome to your 30s, it is the best of times (though sometimes not so much) – but at least you feel finally like a grown up.

  • That sounds so great! I wish I had been there!! My birthday is in August..we’ll have to have a repeat.. though, sigh..I don’t think I KNOW 5 people here!

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